Lordís Day 7 Themes and Divisions


K. Davis


Godís Word teaches us the meaning of true faith.


  1. The significance/centrality of true faith
  2. The substance of true faith
  3. The summary of true faith


Bible reading:Hebrews 10:19-11:2


R. Bredenhof

By true faith we are connected to Christ:

1.      the function of faith

2.      the features of faith

3.      the foundation of faith

Bible readings:John 3:1-21, John 15:1-8

G. VanPopta


Saved by a true faith


  1. The necessity of faith
  2. The character of faith
  3. The community of faith


Bible readings:Romans 4:1-3, 18-25; Hebrews 11:1-2, 9-19; Hebrews 12:-13


C. Bouwman


You need faith to be saved


1.      What is faith?

2.      Why is faith needed?

3.      How do I know whether I have faith?


Bible reading:Hebrews 10:35-11:10


C. Stam


The confession that true faith is the only means to be saved by Christ, the perfect Mediator.


  1. The necessity of true faith
  2. The activity of true faith
  3. The contents of true faith


Bible reading:John 3:16-36


R.H. Bremmer


The dire necessity of believing


  1. I must believe
  2. I may believe
  3. I belief in fellowship with the entire Christian church


Bible reading:Luke 13:22-30


B. Holwerda




  1. Faith and church
  2. Faith and Word
  3. Faith and commandment


Bible reading:John 3:11-21


J. Kok


Faith in the Mediator


  1. Faith in Christ as the Way
  2. Faith in Christ as the Truth
  3. Faith in Christ as the Life


Bible reading:John 14:6


Redemption only through faith


We understand this as we consider:


  1. Adam and Christ
  2. False and true faith
  3. Scripture and Confession


Bible reading:John 3:14-15


The mystery of faith


  1. As union with Christ
  2. As a work of the Spirit
  3. As purpose of gospel proclamation
  4. As a mark of the Christian church


Bible reading:Matthew 13:11


W. Bredenhof


To be saved by Christ, a true faith is necessary


1.      The heart of saving faith

2.      The object of saving faith

3.      The origin of saving faith


Bible reading:Romans 4


ďBelieve in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved!Ē


1.      What makes faith necessary

2.      What faith is (the definition of faith)

3.      What faith believes


Bible reading:Acts 16:16-40


True faith is how we take hold of Christ for salvation


1.      What true faith is not

2.      What true faith is


Bible reading:Hebrews 11:1-16


S. tíHart


The Holy Spirit grafts us into Christ with a true faith


True faith consists of:


1.      An assured knowledge

2.      A knowing assurance


Bible readings:John 3:1-21, Romans 11:11-36