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19 September 1985


CONTENTS LAOS Rumors of Imminent DK Victory in Cambodia Squelched (VIENTIANE MAI, various dates) seeeeeneeneneneneenereeneneneeneeeeee#ee Cooperativization Pace Too Slow, Cadres Lacking (Editorial; PASASON, 5 Jun 85) serv eeeeneneneeeeeeneneneeeeeeee. Electricity Project in Savannakhet Described (PASASON, 10 Jul 85) seeeeeeeneneeneneeeneeeneeeee se eereeeeeeeeee AAA BN Training Results, Conditions Noted (PASASON, 16 Jul 85) e*eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeee ee Briefs Savannakhet Co-Op Expansion Electricity Production, Sales Nghe Tinh-Xieng Khouvang Serum Production MALAYSIA

Election Likely in Early 1986 (NEW STRAITS TIMES, 23 Jul 85) see eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Malaysia Offers Tonga Assistance (Azam Aris; BUSINESS TIMES, 30 Jul 85) wiccccccsccccceces

Embassy Planned for Algeria (BUSINESS TIMES, 19 Jul 85) see eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Little Effect Seen From Singapore Slowdown (Azam Aris; BUSINESS TIMES, 8 Aug 85) *eeereeeeeeeeeeeneneeee

New Fund To Spur Economy (Khalid Jaafar; BUSINESS TIMES, 20 Jul 85) ...cceceeeeees

12 13 14 15


Downturn in Rubber Exports (BUSINESS TIMES, 19 Jul 85) eseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 18

Economy Growth of 5.6 Percent in 1985 (NEW STRAITS TIMES, 24 Jul 85) eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 19

Some NEP Aspects After 1990: Musa (NEW STRAITS TIMES, 2 Aug 85) eseeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 20

Upswing Continues in Palm 0il Output (BUSINESS TIMES, 19 Jul 85) eseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 21

Teachers Charged With Using Religion for Subversion (Khairuddin Hassan; NEW STRAITS TIMES, 29 Jul 85) ....... 22

Program Planned Against Racial Polarization in Schools (Shahrin Shuib; NEW STRAITS TIMES, 6 Aug 85) ...seeeseees 23

Bahasa To Become Main Indian Language (M. Veera Pandiyan, Kiri Raj; THE STAR, 22 Jul 85) ...... 25

MIC Wants Civil Service Hiring Policy Review ( THE SiVAR, 22 Jul 85) eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 26

Defense Communications Equipment Production in Two Years (NEW STRAITS TIMES, 21 Jul 85) eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ee 27

New East-West Rail Link Planned (K. Vijiyan; NEW STRAITS TIMES, 19 Jul 85) ......sseeeees 28

Oil Reserves To Last 22 Years (NEW STRAITS TIMES, 30 Jul 85) eseeneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeneeeeeeee 30

VOMD Editorial on ‘Revolutionary Heroes Day' (Voice of Malayan Democracy, 1 Sep 85) ..ssecccecvesseves 31

VOMD Carries Islamic Party Message (Voice of Malayan Democracy, 28 Aig 85) ..ccccscccccevess 33


Editorial Deplores OPM Threats (PAPUA NEW GUINEA POST C°URIER, 23 Aug 85) ..ccceseveeees 37


Ferdinand Marcos on Issues Facing Presidency (Patrice Barrat, Philip Brooks; CAMBIO 16, 22 Jul 85) «+. 38

Valencia on Cory Aquino's Presidential Ambitions (Teodoro Valencia; Maharlika Broadcasting System, 22 Aug 85) e*erereeevreeeeeeeeeeneeeneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeneeeeeee® 44

- b-

Gold Smuggling

Davao Editorial on ‘Killing Fields, (PEOPLE'S DAILY FORUM, 9 Jul 85) eseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Davao Officer Links Public Support, Decline in Violence nn i re 2 2ee GOP ceseceseeeensesescsoceces

NPA Landmines Halt Convoy, Firefight Ensues (Jess Bentulan; PEOPLE'S DAILY FORUM, 7 Jul 85) ....ceees

Biazon Views of NPA Lauded, Wealth Hoarders Hit (Ed R. Fernandez; PEOPLE'S DAILY FORUM, 7 Jul 85) .......

Davao Paper Analyzes Problems Within Military (Agosto Durian; PEOPLE'S DAILY FORUM, 7 Jul 85) .....ee0.

‘Horror’ Over CPP Executions of Errant NPA Reported (Godofredo A. Ebora; PEOPLE'S DAILY FORUM, 7 Jul 85) ....

Barangay Official Charged on NPA Collaboration (Godofredo A. Ebora; PEOPLE'S DAILY FORUM, 9 Jul 85) ....

Muslim Governor Links Marcos Government, ‘Will of God' (Jonathan Santas; PEOPLE'S DAILY FORUM, 9 Jul 85) .......

Commerce Chamber Asks Liberalization of Import Laws (PEOPLE'S DAILY FORUM, 9 Jul 85) OPP ee eee eee eee eee eee |

Davao Columnist Hits Foreign Investment (Astrid Jose A. Bana; PEOPLE'S DAILY FORUM, 9 Jul 85) ...

Seized Papers on NDF Search for ‘Welga' Leader (PEOPLE'S DAILY FORUM, ll Jul 85) *eenreneneeeeenereeeeeeeeeeee

KMU Leader Protests Arrests, Raids by Military (PEOPLE'S DAILY FORUM, 17 Jul 85) OPP Pee eee eee eee eee

Rights Activists Discuss Torture of Detainees (PEOPLE'S DALLY FORUM, 17 Jul 85) *eeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Report on Press Interview With NPA Returnees (Chuck Villamore; THE MINDANAO MIRROR-BULLETIN,

8-14 Jul 85) eseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eee eee eee eee eer ee ee eee

WE FORUM Report on Opposition Unity Summit (Butch Fernandez; WE FORUM, 12-18 Aug 85) ..sesesscsecess

Davao Mediamen on NPA Hit List (PEOPLE'S DAILY FORUM, 16 Jul 85) seer er eerereeeeeeeereeeneeee
















Youth Official, Air Force Deaths Linked to NPA (J. Y. Sonza; PEOPLE'S DAILY FORUM, 9 Jul 85) ...ccccceees

Church Workers Protest Growth, Activities of Armed Cults CPELeee eee BAELY Eevee. S Jul GS) coccccccccccccccoces

Bishops Assail Government, Rebel, Cultist Terrorism (Vicente Foz; BULLETIN TODAY, 8 Jul 85) ....cscccccceccees

"Shoot-To-Kill’ Ordered Against Labor Leaders’ Murderers (Omer Oscar Almenario; ANG PAHAYAGANG MALAYA, 8 Jul 85)

Articles Profile Cebu Peace, Order Situation (Godofredo M. Roperos; SUN STAR DAILY, 8-11 Jul 85) ......

Two Army Men Killed in Cebu, Weapons Taken (SUN STAR DAILY, 9. 10 Jul 85) see eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

"Urban Terrorists’ Suspected Columnist Views Banditry Possibility, by Wilfredy A. Veloso

Barangay Officials Belie Allegations Against CHDF (Jimmy Ce Alinsug; VISAYAN HERALD, 10 Jul 85) sree eeeeeeeee

Davao General, KBL Leader Disagree on NPA Participation (PEOPLE'S DAILY FORUM, various dates) see eeeeeneeeeeeeeeeee

KBL Leader Cites Military Abuses

Columnist Blames KBL Chairman, by Paul A. Sapsal Echeverria Hails Almendras

AFP 'DIABLO' Group Takes Issue With Davao Journalist (THE MINDANAO DAILY MIRROR, 17 Jul 85; PEOPLE'S DAILY FORUM, 18 Jul 85) *eeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeee eee ee eeee

Columnist Alleged on ‘Payroll' Journalist Defended

Government Failing To Draw on Official Loan Commitments (Conrado R, Banal; BUSINESS DAY, 20 Aug 85) ..ccccecsseees

IMF Calls for Further Bank Reform (Rigoberto D. Tiglao; BUSINESS DAY, 20 Aug 85) ...seceeees

Finance Ministry Says National Income Up (RUSINESS DAY, 22 Aug 85) se eeeeeeeeeneneneeereeeeeeeeeeeeeee ee

Mass Action Peacekeeping Task Force Created in Cebu (A. B. Batuhan; METRO MANILA TIMES, 22 Aug 85) ..cceseeees




ba |








Statistics Office Questions Reported Income Figures (Matias Din; METRO MANILA TIMES, 22 Aug 85) ....ccccccces

Three Constabulary Officers Linked to Arms Pilferage (TIMES JOURNAL , ?1 Aug 85) eer eeeenveevrenereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenee ©

Ruling Party MP's Working on Succession Law (TIMES JOURNAL, 22 Aug 85) ee eeneeeeenereneeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeene®

Manila To Receive 400 Million Peso Grant From FRG (PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 22 Aug 85) ..ccccccccsccccecs

Industrialist Ongpin, Virata Disagree on Economy (Cecil Morella; AFP, 23 Aug 85) OPP eee ee eee eee eee eee

Batasan Reopens as KBL Solons Rap Impeachment Move (Maharlika Broadcasting System, 26 Aug 85) ee eee eee eee

Briefs Studying Relations With U.S. Muslim Hits U.S., MNLF Meeting Communists ‘Plan To Isolate Manila’ NPA Rehabilitation Scheme Virata on Loan Terms Charges After Rally Violence World Bank Loan Fear of Army Church, Media Group Warned Subversive’ Papers in High School


POST Welcomes DK Reshuffle, Awaits Future Action (Editorial; BANGKOK POST, 3 Sep 85) eeeeeeee ee eee eee eeee

Second Border Point To Return Lao Refugees Proposed ( BANGKOK WORLD, 31 Aug 85) eee PP eee eee eee eee eee

Clashes Continue With Burmese Communist Remnants ( BANGKOK WORLD, 24 Aug 85) TRE eee eee eee eee eee eee ee eee

Thai Daily Notes Likely Results of Military Reshuffle (Banyat Tatsaniyawet; BANGKOK POST, 18 Aug 85) ..ceceeees

NATION Profiles of Promoted Army Officers ( THE NATION, 2/ Aug 85) eS eee eee

Paper Notes Release of Military Officers Names ( BANGKOK POST, 10 Aug 85) AAP PPP eee eee ee eee eee







110 110 110 lll lll 111 111 lll 111 112







Class 5 Group Strengthened in Annual Reshuffle (Soemsuk Kasitthipradit; BANGKOK POST, 1 Sep 85) ........

Briefs Paper Reports New Strategy To Weaken Communists ‘Top Communist Leader’ Defects to Government New Zealand's Refugee Aid January-June Rubber Exports New Envoys to USSR, Poland, SFRY, Italy, Brazil



Hanoi Radio Editor Reviews Indochina Situation (Vu Dinh Vinh; Hanoi Domestic Service, 29 Aug 85) .......

Army Paper on Suppression of FULRO in Dac Lac (Vu Manh; QUAN DOI NHAN DAN, 21 Jul 85) sre ee eeeeeeeeeeeeF.

Briefs Son La Self-Defense Network


Envoys to PRC, France Hold Press Conference (VNA, 18 Aug 85) seer eeeeeneeneeeeneeeneeeneeeeeeeeeeeeeee ee ee

PDRY Chairman Cables SRV Leader on Anniversary (Aden Domestic Service, l Sep 85) seeereeeeenereeeeeereeeeeeee

Leaders Greet Indonesians on National Day (VNA, 17 Aug 85) seeeeeereenereneeneneneeneeeeneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ee ee

NHAN DAN Greets Indonesian National Day (VNA, 17 Aug 85) seer eeeeereeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeee eee eee ec ee

Hoang Tung Attends 7th Comintern Exhibition (VNA, 16 Aug 85) seeeereeeeeereeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenee ee eee

Briefs Gifts From Soviet Union Diplomatic Ties Set Up Tran Quynh at Indonesian Reception


Repo-t on Le Duan's Visit to Haiphong (Hanoi Domestic Service, 27 Aug 85) ..ccccececssecscecess



128 128 129 129 129









141 141 141


Truong Chinh Attends Thanh Hao Meeting 17 Aug (VNA, 18 Aug 85) seer eeeeerereeereeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer® 144

NHAN DAN Article Reviews Collectivization (VNA, 19 Aug 85) se eeeereeneeneeneneeneeeeenreeeeeeeeneeeeeeeeeeeeee 145

NHAN DAN Editorial on Party Base Leadership (Hanoi Domestic Service, 23 Aug 85) sere ereeeeeeeeeeeeee en © 148

Le Duan Addresses Thai Binh Meeting (Le Duan; Hanoi Domestic Service, 25 Aug 85) ...seceeeesss I51

Nguyen Thanh Binh Speaks in Hoang Lien Son (Hanoi Domestic Service, 25 Aug 85) eseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeree 154

Pham Hung Addresses Awards Presentation Ceremony (Hanoi Domestic Service, 26 Aug 85) w.cccccsccccecsscesess 156

Vo Van Kiet Presents Awards at Son La Meeting (Hanoi Domestic Service, 27 Aug 85) ..scccccccccceseessess 157

Van Tien Dung Attends Ha Nam Ninh Meeting (Hanoi Domestic Service, 29 Aug 85) seer eeeereereereeeeeeeeee 158

Vo Chi Cong Presents Awards at Ha Bac Meeting (Hanoi Domestic Service, 29 Aug 85) ..ccccccccccecscesssss 160

Vo Van Kiet Presents Awards at Lai Chau Meeting (Hanoi Domestic Service, 28 Aug 85) .cescccccscceccessess 162

Briefs Cryptographic Service Observes Anniversary 164 August Revolution Rally 164 Higher Party School Conference Held 165


NHAN DAN Editorial on Good Market Managemet (Hanoi Domestic Service, 22 Aug 85) eee eee eee eee re ee eee 166

NHAN DAN Urges Reorganization of Handicrafts (Hanoi Domestic Service, 26 Aug 85) *seeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeee 168

NHAN DAN on Technical Innovarions in Production (Hanoi Domestic Service, 27 Aug 85) e*eeeepeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 171

NHAN DAN Editorial on Socialist Retail Network (Hanoi Domestic Service, 28 Aug 85) ..scecesececeesseseees 173

Briefs Marketing Regulations Enforced 176



Agricultural Activities Reviewed (Hanoi Domestic Service, 30 Aug 85) ....cccccccccccccceees

NHAN DAN Editorial on Use of Agricultural Land




(Hanoi Domestic Service, 75 Aug 85) ..ccrccccsccsscceceees

Drought Affects Cuu Long Provinces Northern Flood Control

Obituary of Hanoi Military Official



182 182


19 September 1985

RUMORS OF IMMINENT DK VICTORY IN CAMBODIA SQUELCHED Vientiane VIENTIANE MAI in Lao 17, 18, 19 Jul 85 {“Conversation with the Editor" Column: "Deceitful Rumors") [17 Jul 85 p 2]

[Text] [Question] Dear VIENTIANE MAI editor. You have heard that the Thai ultrarightist reactionaries have been propagandizing that the routed Cambodians are encircling Phnom Penh in Cambodia. They also say that the Cambodian reac- tionaries have ceized several provinces. What is worse is that they have accused the People's Republic of Kampuchea (PRK) of having no rights to rule the country. They do whatever they want. We think they have closed their eyes and spoken without the truth. What do you think about this? Please discuss this and point out their true intentions. Thank you. Phat.

[Answer] Dear Phat. We will discuss informally what you mentioned without distortion. Everyone knows that the Thai ultrarightist reactionaries are the obedient henchmen of the Chinese expansionists and hegemonists. Thus, all the deceitful propaganda and the work done by the Thai ultrarightist busybody reactionaries toward the three Indochinese nations are part of the dark and insane schemes of the Beijing power-holding clique that hopes to take over Indochina and all of Southeast Asia as well.

The Thai ultrarightist reactionries already well know that the routed Cambodians and the "ol Pot-leng Sary cliques are murderers. Despite their knowing this, they still support and openly assist them, providing them with land to set up military bases, etc. This assistance is completely against the wishes of the Thai people. Hcwever, they have to do it because they are unavoidably tools to serve Beijing.

First of all, you have to understand the position of the Thai ultrarightist reactionaries, otherwise you will not be able to understand the problem. Their position is to be the obedient henchmen of the Chinese expansionists and hegemonists who ere in collusion with the American imperialists. The Thai ultrarightist reactionaries are the servants of Beijing's dark and insane schemes, and Beijing is the leader in carrying out expansionism and hegemonisn. Thus, Beijing's aim is to expand its territory.

[18 July 85 p 2]

[Text] The advanced revolutionists who studied the will of Mao Zedong found that it indicated that all of Southeast Asia was Chinese territory. The map they made up at that time by themselves covered Indochina, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Once the expansionists succeed in each of these countries, they will become a state of China the same way that China swallowed Tibet. Therefore, this expansionism is extremely dangerous. How- ever, the Thai ultrarightist reactionaries do not even look at themselves in the mirror.

We will discuss this briefly to help rou understand. The same goes for the question that you sent in. Once you understand the true nature of expansionism as such, it is not surprising that the Thai ultrarightist reactionaries and Beijing have propagandized and slandered Indcechina, particularly Cambodia.

(You should review the exparsionism carried out in Cambodia in the genocide where over 3 million Cambodian people were murdered). It was said that the Cam- bodian people all had to be killed and then it would be easy for the Chinese people to be brought in to live in Cambodia. However, because of the patriot- ism of the Cambodian people themselves and because they couid not tolerate the cruel murders by the genocidal clique we (Laos and Vietnam) therefore saved the Cambodian people from the danger of genocide. The Cambodian people then declared that they would organize their own revolutionary administration from the patriotic groups who wanted to see their nation grow, and who had tremen- dous hatred for the genocide. It has now been 7 years since the Cambodian revolutionary administration has saved and constructed its nation, and has gradually led its people toward prosperity. No enemies will be able to reverse Cambodia.

When the Thai ultrarightist reactionaries, Beijing, and the routed [Cambodians] boasted that they had seized this or that province and encircled thir or that place, this was all deceitful propaganda. These people who belong to the cliques of Pol Pot-leng Sary, Son San, Khieu Samphan, and Sihanouk ail have no place to live. They have to hide themselves in areas that the Thai ultra- rightist reactionaries have arranged for thom, and in Beijing and other places that Beijing sas provided for then.

[19 Jul 85 p 2]

[Text] Recently we went to Cambcdia aud visited the provinces on the border with Thailand and other provinces. We saw the Cambodian people gradually promoting and raising their standard of living. They were not worried. The revolutionary administration led them in building their new land and a bright and progressive life. From comparing the goods in the market with those in Vientiane Capital we can see that there are more consumer items and the prices are lower. This is the progress of the Cambodian people and their new adminis- tration. Things were not at ali as depicted by the propaganda and slander of

the Beijing and Thai reactionaries.

We know well that the purpose of the propaganda is to deceive world opinion, to change white to black, and to blame Vietnam in order to dishonor and

disgrace Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. But the truth is the truth. No enemies can reverse the revolution in our three nations. The revolutionary administra- tion has been resolutely stepped up and the enemies must be finally defeated. The same goes for Cambodia which is resolute and victorious. The enemies of the Cambodian people are writhing on the ground and they will gradually and finally die. There is an old Lao saying, "If an elephant is dying we must look for avine, and if a tiger is dying we must look for a stick." The same goes for the Cambodian reactionaries and the other reactionary groups nowadays. They are carrying each other to burial and they can only struggle to find a way to stay alive. That is all. And one day they must finally stop breathing. Good- bye. The editor.

9884 CSO: 4206/168

JPRS=SEA=55-143 19 September 1985



{[Editorial: "The Effort To Improve and Expand Agricultural Cooperatives Proceeds With Rice Cultivation"]

[Excerpt] In order to proceed according to the spirit of the Third Party Congress in changing the rice farmers to cooperative production, making a new socialist production relationship and creating the conditions to expand vigorously agriculture, the muiti-ethnic farmers throughout the country have voluntarily established solidarity production teams and labor exchange teams and have gone on to establish agricultural cooperatives. At present, through-

out the country there are a total of more than 2,500 agricultural cooperatives which include more than 140,000 families, equaling °/.3 percent of farm fami- lies; 41 percent of these are in areas primarily of wet field rice. In areas which do not yet have agricultural cooperatives, an effort has been made to improve and establish solidarity production teams and labor exchange teams in order to create gradually conditions allowing farmers to expand production and become familiar with cooperative production so that they can proceed toward establishing agricultural cooperatives.

In order to follow the policy of the party in carrying out the spirit of the seventh resolution of the third session concerning striving for food produc-

tion according to the plan figure cf 1.6 million tons in each area, this season [they] will have to strive to improve and expand agricultural coopera- tives as well as raise rice and other crops. Those places which have estab-

lished agricultural cooperatives must strive to improve their organization, administration and inspection; they must know the production plan and use the contract plan figures for each production group. As for places which do not yet have agricultural cooperatives, these must strive vigorously to improve and expand the solidarity production teams and labor exchange teams and create conditions to make possible the establishment of agricultural cooperatives at a later stage so that the standard of living of the farmers steadily improves, a new life style is created for the farmers and the goals of the party and state are achieved.

In looking at things in general, the movement for agricultural cooperatives has expanded, but it has been slow and has not kept up with the requirements of revolutionary activity in the new era. There are still some uncertain results;

many areas are not vigorously improving and expanding their solidarity

j 4

production teams and labor exchange teams in order to create the conditions for new cooperatives. Some localities are not striving to improve and expand their agricultural cooperatives which means that the proportion of families who are members of cooperatives is low: 10 to 15 percent.

The seventh resolution of the third session of the Party Central Committee established the policies for 1985: [we] must strive to mobilize the farmers to become involved in modern production policies and voluntarily turn to pro- duction completely in the form of agricultural cooperatives and other cooperative production. Each locality must strive to educate and create under- standing among cadres at all levels. Each sector must understand the meaning of the resolution of the Party Central Committee concerning improving and increasing the capabilities of the present cooperatives in order to improve the production conditions of the cooperatives, resolutely surpass the effectiveness of individual production and bravely prepare to build new cooper- atives.

In building a new agricultural cooperative, the initial task to be done is that each level of the administration must announce and explain the meaning, purpose and principles for establishing the cooperatives. In addition [they] must grasp the conditions in each area such as: land area, the cattle and buffalo of each family and the number of families which do not yet have rice fields. The cadres who will become the administration of an agricultural cooperative must be prepared in order to assure that the cooperative which is established will have a suitable administration.

Another problem which many localities have encountered in building a new cooperative is the lack of cadres with leadership abilities. Therefore, everything must be done to transform people and create people who are good, capable, trained in production and respected by the people in order to insure that when a cooperative is built there are at least three to four administra- tive cadres to make up the administrative committee and the inspection committee of the cooperative.

The construction of an agricultural cooperative is the direct responsibility of the party committee and the administrative committee and involves the par- ticipation of various mass organizations; the provincial capital must choose one district to show the way, and the district [must] choose one or two lead- ing cooperatives. Some notable lessons must be drawn as examples to the others. The essence of leadership in each area lies in focusing on the produc- tion and the administration of the cooperative; in producing the rice crop technical methods must be used on combined fields, the cooperatives must be improved and revolutionary strength must be buiii.

For these reasons it can be said that transforming agriculture and leading

the farmers toward cooperative socialist production involves a broad revolu- tionary mobilization of groups of the masses. Each locality must concentrate all its abilities to heighten the spirit of responsibility for carrying out

the policies of the party, create conditions to facilitate construction of new cooperatives, ensure the completion of its responsibilities and ensure that the objective of involving each province and locality in the new [form] of

production is done according to the regulations and on schedule. Vientiane Province, Khammouan Province, Saravane Province, Savannakhet Province, Sayaboury Province and Attopeu Province must have great resolve and proceed well in this activity. The provinces on the plains must be resolved to bringing progressive farmers into cooperatives and other cooperative units so that a level of 60 to 70 percent is basically reached; the mountain provinces [should reach a level] of 30 to 40 percent.

8149 CSO: 4206/159

JPRS=SEA=85-143 19 September 1985


ELECTRICITY PROJECT iN SAVANNAKHET DESCRIBED Vientiane PASASON in Lao 10 Jul 85 p 2 [Article: “Construction of Electrical Transmission Lines to the Countryside"]

[Excerpt] On 22 June 1985 there was a ceremony which was very meaningful for the workers and the people of Outhoumphon District, Bohinkao District and Donghene District: it was the ceremony unveiling the diagrams for power line construction between the districts to bring light to the countryside and help the living standard of the milti-ethnic people take on a completely new look and [help them) live...

The report of Comrade Sikan Insisiangmai, the head of the project to construct the transmission lines informed us that: the rural electrification project for Savannakhet, Outhoumphon, Bohinkao and Donghene, located in Savannakhet [Province], expands the electrical network to the countryside according to a plan of the Ministry of Industry, Handicrafts and Forestry. [The project] depends on funds permitting construction from the Lao government and is in accordance with the Council of Ministers Order No 06 of 6 January 1981 concern- ing the expansion of middle voltage transmission lines of 22 kilovolts

(2200 volts]. The State Electrical Enterprise of Laos is constructing and operating [the system].

This construction project was divided into two stages: the first stage was from 1981 to 1983 and the second stage was from 1984 to 1985.

The project was the initial stage of a change in direction involving reliance on the socialist countries; 85 nercent of the electrical equipment for the project was purchased from the German Democratic Republic. There were 44 workers and 4 of them were women. Nine came from the Lao Electrical Center, and there were 11 day laborers. There were 12 who. were attached to the workers’ organization. There were 11 young people. Construction during the first stage was as follows: from 1981 to 1983 planning and data collection were done as well as clearing and surveying the path for the power line construction. In addition the equipment for a substation was assembled at Savannakhet. A 240-meter fence was built around the substation. An 8x24 [meter] dormitory was built for the workers, A 6-meter wide and 8-meter long service building was constructed for the people at Outhoumphon. Two more equipment storage buildings were constructed; 35 km of 22 kilovolt transmission lines were

erected from Savannakhet to Cuthoumphon. A secondary transmission line 7

km long was erected from the generating station to the distribution station. Transmission lines were erected to serve six villages stretching 13 kn.

The middle voltage 22 kilovolt transmission lines ran a total -f 55 km. As for low voltage .4 kilovolt [400 volt] distribution, 15 km ' ~~ voltage network were erected in Outhoumphon District and in various vi'iag.s, and 70 160-watt street lights were erected. They set up six 22/.4 tilovolt trans- formers, and they set up a transformer for Bokuanatia, one for a military camp and eight for the following villages: Ban Thatinghang Village, Phonsin [Village]. Natia [Village], Dongbang [Village], Khouakhaokat [Village], Nongkom [Village], Machihit [Village] and Ban Dongnakham Village. They used 1,045 concrete poles which were from 12 to 16 meters long and four latticed steel poles 10 meters long which held 286,359.5 meters of cable.

Now the technicians and workers assigned to this project are erecting the second stage of the transmission line project from the capital of Outhoumphon District to Bohinkao and Donghene; it is a middle voltage line of 22 kilovolts and will be completed at the end of 1985 in order to honor the tenth anniver- sary of the national day on next 2 December.

8149 CSO: 4206/159

JPRS=SEA=85-143 19 September 1985



[Article: "Artillery Crews from the Combined Services School and Battalion rd

[Text] A ZIL vehicle took our group to the firing range quickly. What one saw there was a yellow and green striped canopy as a shelter in the middle of a meadow. Under the canopy were tables arranged in two rows for the represente- tives who had been invited to observe this weapons firing test. In front of the representatives were those firing the weapons standing in three long rows waiting for the commander's order. Those firing were from the joint school and antiaircraft artillery battalion "D." Everything to be used in firing was scientifically prepared according to the rules. Each weapon was set up ready for combat. The rangefinders and telescopic sights were placed as required. The light yellow targets showed against the sky. What made everyone nervous was [the question of] proficiency in firing; almost all those firing were new recruits and some had been in the military just 5 to 6 months. This group had left their plows and volunteered to serve in the army at the call of the nation. In addition on this day the sky was full of clouds and it was very hot so that it was difficult to follow the target. When the time came the commander ordered those firing to take their stations. The first crew to fire included Comrade Sopha who was a student at the combined services school. A green flare sped into the sky to warn those firing to be prepared to destroy the tar- get. In no time a red flare went up. Then in the sky 1,100 meters in front of us a mortar flare lit up. And then there was the target for Sopha gradually falling. Fire! It was the commander's order. The first shells climbed across the sky toward the target. In a moment the target was destroyed. Con- gratulations: Congratulations: Well done, Sopha! One could say that Sopha's results created an atmosphere of confidence for those who fired after him.

The weather was still very hot. Everyone's face looked red and their clothes appeared to be wet with perspiration, but the destruction of targets proceeded vigorously. The third to fire were from antiaircraft artillery battalion "D." After taking their positions with ease and confidence, the destruction of tar- gets proceeded. This crew was equipped with three antiaircraft guns which fired together. They hit the target hung by a rope at 1,050 meters. This battalion was the unit which had received only just over a month of training, but they were able to achieve results cheerfully and destroyed two targets. These good results produced a haze of gunpowder smoke which would not dissipate.

The last crew to fire was a combined group from both the combined services schocl and antiaircraft artillery battalion "D" armed with six antiaircraft guns. In front [of us} a group of targets were released and appeared in the sky floating in the air. Im each cycle of firing they checked the direction, sighted in, and loaded. Each one did his duty skillfully. The whole field fixed its attention on their progress. The commander raised the red flag and gave the orders: the target is in the sky at 700 meters, speed 10, fire! In the blink of an eye, their shells started to roar, The target was blown away when it was hit, and pieces were scattered all over. The commander shouted that the target was destroyed. Congratulations! There was the sound of clapping throughout the field.

Therefore the firing this time achieved good results from beginning to end. The students of the antiaircraft school which is affiliated with the combined services school and the gunners of the antiaircraft artillery bettalion re- ceived only marks of skillful and good. Those initial results after the school's founding will be a mirror and a goal for later classes.

8149 CSO: 4206/159


JPRS=SEA=85-143 19 September 1985


SAVANNAKHET CO-OP EXPANSION--The construction of agricultural cooperatives throughout Champhon District of Savannakhet Province has expanded constantly. By the end of last June the multi-ethnic people had been able to establish i163 agricultural cooperatives. Altogether the cooperatives included 11,250 families and a total of 64,908 members of which 29,545 were primary workers and 13,894 were reserve workers. They cover a total of more than 14,950 hectares, they include 70.1 percent of the families throughout the district, and they have 64.61 percent of the wet field rice land in the district. [Excerpt] [Vientiane PASASON in Lao 10 Jul 85 p 1) 8149

ELECTRICITY PRODUCTION, SALES--Throughout the Lao State Electrical Enterprise the cadres and workers were determined to do their work vigorously as is shown in the results of the period of January 1985, which are: as regards the produc- tion and distribution of electricity in the first 3 months, they produced 265,794,800 kilowatt hours more than the plan for the period, which is 143 percent of the same period in 1984, and 248,716,184 kilowatt hours more electricity was distributed (domestically and abroad) than che plan for the period which is 93.57 percent of the same period last year. They produced 774 electric wire poles, which is two percent more than the plan. They pro- duced 182 electric wire pole braces. [Excerpt] [Vientiane PASASON in Lao

8 Jun 85 p 2) 8149

NGHE TINH-XIENG KHOUANG SERUM PRODUCTION--On 5 July the committee responsible for the joint project to assist serum production in Xieng Khouang Province [undertaken] with the cooperation of experts from Nghe Tinh Province in the Socialist Republic cf Vietnam summed up the success of serum production at the Lao-Mongolian Friendship Hospital. According to the report, in the initial stages they were able to produce 60 to 70 liters of serum per day. This in- cluded three types: salt serum, sugar serum and bovokansi serum. In addition they also produced more than 40 liters per day of distilled water to help care for the sick at the friendship hospital and other hospitals throughout the province. [Text] [Vientiane PASASON in Lao 11 Jul 85 p 1] 8149

CSO: 4206/159


JPRS=SEA=8 5-143 19 September 1985



Kuala Lumpur NEW STRAITS TIMES in English 23 Jul 85 pl

[Text ] ALOR STAR, Mon. The general clection is likely to be held in the first five months of next year, sources said today.

The last gencral clection was held in April 1942 and the next is due before April 1987.

The sources said the Gov- ernment machinery was prepared for the ciections.

“Presently, ine Barisan Naional leadership is ironing out certain minor problems among compon- ent parties. Once they are re- solved, which could be very soon, we can have the elections,” they said.

lt is Also learnt that the Umno headquarters will be directing all party divisions to activate their election operation rooms by next


By then the number of polling stations would be known and \imno divisions would be expected to set up clection com mittecs in the polling station areas.

Presently, almost all the divisions have completed their dele- gates’ meetings. The remaining divisions have until July 31 todo sO

CSO: 4200/1503



Kuala Lumpur BUSINESS TIMES in English 30 Jul 85 pl

[Article by Azam Aris]

[Text }

MALAYSIA is prepared to help Tonga develop its natural resources eape- cially in the petroleum sertor.

As a first step, Pe- tronas will provide man- agement and data pro- cessing assistance to Tonga in exploration

the possibility of trans- fering technology in var- jous other arcas

This was dieclowed by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Musa Hitam after receiving his counterpart from Tonga, Mr Michale Haron Tulta, in Kuala lammpur y. Hriefing the Press later, a Wisma Putera spokesman said the De- puty Prime Ministers discussed various steps needed to be taken before the actual cxplora\ions were conducted. The arcas surrounding Tonga are believed to have oil reserves.

Datuk Musa urged Tonga to learn from the Malaysian experience in oil exploration and deve-

tion. ; Roth Deputy Prime Ministers also discussed extendingthe training of- fered under the Malay- sian Training Coopera-

CSO: 4200/1502

tion Programme (MTCP).

Tonga falls under the Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific division of the MTCP.

Since Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's visit to Tonga in 1982. the number of participants from Tonga involved in iraining programmes conducted by Malaysian agencies has been in- creasing. So far 16 offi- clals have been attached with various agencics ua- der the MTPC.

Mr Tuilta, who is alse Knergy and Kesources Minister, wants Malay- sia to continuc these training courses conduct- ed at the Cooperative Col- lege, the National Ar- chives, the National l’reductivity Centre and ihe Tejecoms Depart- ment

The two leaders also discussed ways of further improving bilateral reta- lions

Later, Datuk Musa held discussions with Jordan Parliament Speaker, Sheikh Akes Al- Sayer.

Datuk Musa was briefed by Sheikh Akez on the latest development in the Palestinian Libera. tion Organisation, Jor- dan had also cxpressed concern over the pro- longed Iran-Iraq war.

According to a Wisma Putra official, Datuk


JPRS~SEA~85~143 19 September 1985


Both partics hope that the air-link between Kuala Lampur and Am-

man will better flow of traffica between both countrics.

JPRS-SEA=85-143 19 September 1985


EMBASSY PLANNED FOR ALGERIA Kuala Lumpur BUSINESS TIMES in English 19 Jul 85 p 2 {Text } MALAYSIA and Algeria |

tals to upgrade their

iene il HE iy

ti rf F

cso: 4200/1502


JPRS=SEA=85< 143 19 September 1985

Kuala Lumpur BUSINESS TIMES in English 8 Aug 85 p 22

[Article by Azam Aris]

{Text }

academic feel that the slowdown in

are : affected. In fact, the

CSO: 4200/1502

refining plants in the re- public.

Most of the 100,000 Ma- laysians working on the island are in the construc. tion sector and the major- ity of them are semi-

has been alarm. ingly in the past 18 months. From 16.1 per com in the first quarter of 1984, the growth rate dropped steadily from

puty Cho said

recently that in the firet four months of this year, the growth was only at 2.7 per cent. Zere growth had been recorded im the se cond quarter of this year and perhaps there could be a negative figure by the end of the year Besides the decline, what was more alarming was the apeed in which the growth rate had

dropped Dr said (here was no cause concern over ‘9s “bad perfor