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BIS-WEU-91-135 londay 5 July 1991

Daily Report West Europe


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USSR. Japanese Groups Arnve for G-? Summa /London PRESS ASSOCTAIION! Germany Secks “Active Cooperation With USSR /Berlin ADN/ Japan's Kaitu Arrives in London for Summu /JoAvo AYODO) Ecological Mission Planned = //oAvo AY ODO) Germany Wants “Mixed Ard Package for USSR /Berlin ADN/ UK Plans To ‘Press’ for Iraqi Action at Summut /London THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH 14 Jul) USSR’s Prmakov Hands Japanese Gorbachev Note /JoAvoe APODO! Japan's Nakayama Comments /JoAvo AYODO! Mayor: “Too Early’ for USSR To Jon G-7? /London PRESS ASSOCTLATION) Genscher Encourages West To Aid Sovict Reforms /Berlin ADN/ Japan's Kartu. Italy's Andreott: Meet in London = /JoAve AY ODO!) Japanese Officials Reveal Gorbachev Reform Plan /JoAve AYODO/ Italy’s Andreotts Meets USSR’s Primakov /Rome 1N\8 14) USSR’s Primakov: Reforms at Risk Without Ard /London PRESS ASSOC TATION! Japan. Germany Split Over Aid to Soviets /JodAvo AYODO) Differences Remain Unsetiled /Jodve AYODO! World Economic Summit Officially Opens 15 Jul /London PRESS ASSOCIATION)


Vranizky Wants Good Tres With SFRY Republics /AURIER 1/3 Jul) SPOke's Jankowntsch Comments (DER STANDARD 13-14 Jul)

SFRY Requests Parhamentarians Postpone Vist /MJENER ZEITUNG 13 Jul)

Vranitzky on SFRY, World War I Speech (WIENER ZEITUNG 12 Jul)

Lifting of Sanctions Against RSA Suggested /DER STANDARD 12 Jul)


Foreign Office Statement on Offer of Troops /PRESS 1SSOCTATION) Kurdish Demonstrators Storm Turkish Embassy Demonstrators Arrested /PRESS ASSOCIATION) Kurds Freed on Bail /indara ANAT OLIM Parties Clash Over Labour Nuclear Arms Policy //ME DAILY TELEGRAPH 11 Jul) Scotland Yard Alerted to New IRA‘Hu List’ /PRESS ASSOCIATION)


Mulroney Anticipates “Very Histone G-? Summit /London 71) * Francophone ‘Mandarins’ Enthusiastic on Reform /1.1 PRESSE 2S May/


Kohl Urges SFRY Factions To Renounce Violence /Belerade 7 1NJUG/ Possible Recognition of Croatia, Slovenia Urged = /1DN/ Waige! Calls For Shared Western Aid for USSR /4DN) Kurds Stage Anti-Turkish Protests in Cities /DP 14) Plans tor Mass Deportation of Poles Denied §=/47)N/ Finance Minister Meets With Polish Counterpart /D?P 1) Opening EC Market Viewed /DP 1) Last Sovect Naval Lnnt Withdraws From Country $/D?P'4

1S July ivy]

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FBIS-WEL -91-135 15 July 1991 ? West Europe

Miluar., Concerned About UK Forces’ Presence iDN ( hanc ellor Koh! Secas New Laws on Mov ¢ oO Berlin DPA hy

Kohl Promises New Laender Continued Assistance (FRANAFURTER ALLGEMEINE 12 Ju 17 Defense Minstrs Official Accused of Espronage /4D\ ; Minister Warns of L nderground Stas: Actisities (MELT 1Mf SONNTAG 14 Ju :* Former Stasi Emplosees Recruited by Police (ADN is Files Naming Special Stasi Pexsonne!l Found /1D\ i Government Plans Dissolving SBO by Year End (/NELES DEL TSCHLAND 10 Ju iy Internal Hard Currency Activities Revealed (DP 1 y Berlin Trust Agency Enterprise Sales Examined /DP 4 is Opimon Poll Shows Increasing SPD Popularity /FRANAFURTER ALLGEMEINE ]> Ju .. Miners Pelt Economics Minister With Projectiles (DP 4 . FRANCE Government Statement on Military Presence in Iraq if P 21 Mitterrand Grants Bastille Day Interview = /Paris 71 2 Bush Sass Proof Exrsts of Irag: Nuclear Arsenal (Paris Rad 26 Mitterrand Comments on Talks /Paris Rad 26 Jove on Gult Fete. Anti-Cresson ‘Campaign’ /Paris Rad oe Turkish Lettsst Leader Ailled mn Paris 1! Jul if P a7 Visit by President Mitterrand to Tunrsia FOSS FON TOM 27 ITALY & VATICAN CITY Plane Possibly, Shot Down by LS. Mossile mn 1980 i\S4 s Serbia's Foreign Minister in Rome tor Talks (Belgrade TANJLG Z Andreott:. Montenegro Prime Minister for Peace /Belerade TANIUG 2 PORTLUGAI Germans 's Genscher Meets Cavaco. Soares, Pinheiro 24 Forecasts Political U non Bern ADN 28 Stresses Small Sates Rights ///amure DPA Vv Ministry Outlines EC Funding in National Economy = /Lishon Internationa SPAIN Government To End Kurdistan Deployment |4 Ju! /Wadrid Rad ; Castro To Visit After 1992 Ibero-American Summu /# FI ww) ETA Claims Attacks in Spain. Germany. Italy /VWadrid Rad oy Unemployment Falls for Fifth Consecutive Month /Wadrid Rad 0) NORDIC COUNTRIES Finland Vaeyrvnen Favors CSCE Peacekeeping Force /Helsind: Rad 3] Defense Minister Returns From Meeting in USSR ‘1 CSCE Force Inapproprnate /Heluns: Rad 3] Cites Results of Tnp /Melunts Rad 3! Nor*ay Europe Movement To Begin EC Membership Campaign (4F 7ENPOSTEN 10 Ju 32


LS. Pushing Turkeys to “Greater Intransigence’ /AMARAL YD) 13 Ju Spokesman Interviewed on Bush Visit. Polos (4L/7H14 14 Jw ‘Clear Message’ in Bush Statement Omitting Denktas /O FILELEITHEROS 12 Ju

~~ # # tS wt

FBIS-WEL -91-135 15 July 1991 3 West Europe

Reserv ations Expressed About Bush View (/PROINA NEA 13 Ju 35 izknmvow Holcs Talks Weth Moetsotakes. Samaras AW4R41)/ 12 Ju a Litbvan Monier Ends V rst. Sogns Agreement \ wa Tl Mw (so. crnmenti nns 4 “i t { ommunin ations Svsiem \ us Rad ta GREECE

Csovernment Sand L aprepared tor Bush Vis (ELE THEROTIPIA 14 Ju 7 Premier Announces Border Disarmament Proposal trhens TT 7

Bulgaria Accepts Proposa trhen. Rad +s



Multinational Force Deploved at Border Approved imhara Tt London Embasss (bcc upicd bh Kurdish Demonstrators

British Ambassador Summoncd Nwasouls

Viessagc of Regret Sent Wwasorli Punishment of Attackers on Missions Abroad Wanted inmhura Rad


o? ae o? «a? «? <<


Kalem: Links Pole Operations to l pooming Visi imaara ii Saud: Foreign Minister Arrives for Official Versi imnara fl

Dunner Speeches Made a } nah ¢ \I n sters To Mect {adru Rad ()val. Al Saud Talk imnura Rad

Detc ns } und Monc\, Pledgecd inmsara Til | :

Perez de ( ucilar’s Vist. Mand on Cyprus Viewed /7ERCU WAN Iva ()zal. Macedoman Leader Descuss Bilateral Ties /Belerade J ANIJUG ; Presadent of Rosnmia-Herzego.ina Arrives for Talks imaara Rad ; . ,

Yilmaz 2 I eclons Dat T Kx } nalized imaura Ji

FBIS-WEL -91-135 15 July 1991

USSR, Japanese Groups Arrive for G-7 Summit 1 DI207152391 London PRESS ASSOCIATION m Emelish 1359GMT 12 Jul 9!

[By Chres Moncrnefl, PRESS ASSOCTATION police! oditor]

[Text] Mikhad Gorhaches’s advance party arnved im London today bearing his latest plan for coonomx reform im the Sovect Unon before newt week's G-7 summit of the world’s mchest nathons. The plan. worked out im the Aremiin over recent months, was brought by the Sovict president's special envoys Yevgenn Primakos well ahead of Mr Gorhaches’s anticipated arrival on Tuesday Mr Primakoy. is not cxpected to mect John Major, His dealings will probably be with Chancellor Norman Lamont

Meanwhile Mir Mayor has made clear there will be no significant sums of cas* on the table for Mr Gorbaches The Sovoct leader will instead be offered know-how and practical co-operation. However. even the scale of that will depend on how umpressed the G7 leaders are with his cconomec reform Mucprint He «ill mect them at the end of the summit and then have a day's “bilateral” talks with Mir Major

Japan's foregn minister flew into Heathrow today to be met by armed pole and a Manket of tight security Foreign Office officials were at the airport to erect Taro Nakavama. one of a string of kev figures fying imto London over the next few days for the G-7 meeting

Police have spent months harsing with staff from foreign embassies. the Foreign Office and airport staff to pro- vide an unprecedented level of securits for the vrsitors Mir Nakayama. accompanied by hes wite Hanako. few on trom Ircland following a short official vist, He made no public comment before bering driven to central London with an cscort of pole owt-niders. He was duc to be tollowed later om the day th the Canadian foreign min- ister, the Japanese finance minster and finally. late tomeght. the Japanese prime inester

Germany Seeks *\ctive Cooperation’ With USSR LDIOOCISS99) Berlin ADS on German 143907 1? Jul 9i

[Text] Bonn (ADN—Foreygn Monister Hans-Dietrich Crenscher appeaicd to the heads of state and government taking part mn the London world coonomn summit to give the Sovict U mon a signal of active cooperation. “By waiting passively. the West will damage its own inter. est.” Geenscher sand in a prerelcased article for the newspapers NORDSEE ZEITL NG: and the Halle MIT

TELDEL TSCHE ZEITU NG. In seem of the proticems with the USSR reform process, passivity 1s NOt a Concept “because the current of an coonomn breakdown will mevitably affect Europe and the whole world coonomy ~ Successtul coonomic restructuring was also the best way to push hack the persisting reacthonary forces om the Soviet LU mon and help the peoples evercise ther meh to


selt-<determination The reconstruction of the traditional commercial and cconome nctwork on Eastern Europe which must also be supported. will counteract the polit. cal and coonomac msks of the differences on the standard of liveng on the continent. Clear answers trom Cor- haches on dev cloping the reform process further should make possible for the seven icadimg nation, m the world coonoms to open the Western markets wader for the Sovict LU neon. He was thinking. for unstance. about an carly start of talks between the EC and the USSR on a “comprehensive agreement.” as well as about cstab- lshong “special relanons™ of the USSR to the IMF and the World Bank as a transitron to membership further the Sovict LU mon should agree to foreign mvestment particularly om the energs and raw material indusines It Gorhaches 1s accommodating. the G-7 could also sup- Port steps of the hanks and the Paris Club to emprove the maturits structure of the Sovect | neon'’s mainly short. term foreign debi. It these goals are attarned in London Cremscher says. they will constitute a good start tor the economic integration of the Sovict L neon onto the world COOTOTTY

Japan's haife Arrives in London for Summit ADODO in Erelokh O8890M1


j 2 Iu v/

[Text] London, July 12 KY ODO}—Japanese Prome Min- ster Toshok: Kartu arrived mm London on Froday night to attend the summit of seven major industrialized nations mn London neat week week

Kaitu flew from Boston. Massachusetts. after mecting US. Pressedent George Bush at hes summer hous m Kennebunkport, Maine. on Thursday

Kartu will meet separately with Britesh Prome Monster John Mayor and Itahan Prime Minister Crrulro Andreoth on Sunday before the summit opens

After the summit ends on Wednesday. Rarfu will attend talks among the leaders of the seven Countres and Sovict Presadent Mikhail Gorhaches and also mect alone with CGrorbaches Kartu and Crorhaches last met om Tokyo m April

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Nakayama arrived here Friday afternoon trom Ircland where he met with hes Irish counterpart Gerald C offens

t cological Mission Planned

OU LMCI) Todo AVODO om beelnt OC88 OV) I3 Ig v/

{Text} London, July 13 AYVODO}—Japan plans to dis patch a government missson to the Sovect U neon to help fight the detenoration of the Soviet enseronment by pollutron. officials accompanying Japanese Prime Min- ster Toshrk: Kartu sand Friday

Kaifu will make the proposal during hrs meeting with Soviet Preseedent Miebhal Grorhaches on Wednesday


shortly after the end of the three-day summit mecting of the leaders of the seven mayor industrial nations. the officials sand

It Grorbaches agrees. the missvon Could be dispatched to the Soviet LU noon as carly as thes autumn to advise Sovict environmental caperts on ways of stopping pollution trom destroying the enviroment

The mission well comprise officials from the Environ- ment Agency. the Moenistry of Internatonal Trade and Indusiry. the Agriculture. Forestry and Fisheries Min- istry. the Health and Welfare Ministry. and the Foregn Monrstrs. thes sand

They sand 1t well be part of Japan's technocal assistance to the Sovict Umon. The Japanese Government has been hesitant to give financial ard to Moscow

The officials sard the mission will make on-the-spot mv cstigations of contaminated Sovict nvers. forests. and land in cooperation with Sovict government officials

Aur and land pollution im the second-largest city Lenin- grad and other urban ard rural arcas have been wors- ening. accordmng to a survey by the World Bank

The surves savs 16 percent of the Sovict landmass has |) to 100 tomes the standard international levels of pollu- thon set by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the World Health Orga- mization (WHO)

Germany Wants ‘Mixed Aid Package’ for USSR LD 207182399! Berlin ADS on German 17H OMI 13 Jul 9!

[Text] Dresden (ADN}—In the view of Economics Min- wter Juergen Moeliemann (FDP) [Free Democratic Party}. the seven leading Western industrial countries should decide on a “mixed and package” for the Sovict t mon at therr London summit It should comprise both advice and a transfer of know how as well as financial and. Moeliemann told the Dresden-hased “MORGEN. POST AM SONNTAG. The Soviet U mon had contrib. uted to the end of the cold war “Now «t should also share m the peace dividend.” the minister stressed

The international communits. specifically the 24 OECD countnes, has to bear the financial burden of this According to Moeliemann, te Federal Republic alone would be completely over-strenched by thers Moecliemann reduced this pount to the formula “either everyone of no one

On the issue of cutteng subsidies. the FDP politician accused the umon of playing a “double game” (On the one hand its members of the government were steering a course of stability, while on the other hand the CDI [Christian Democratic Union] social committees were demanding the sharing out of “benefits” The coalition


FBIS-WEL -91-135 15 July 1991

should not give up as trade mark of budgetary and financial soledity Othererse ot would bose .ts capabelity of forming a majorts

Lk Plans Te “Press for Iragi Action at Summit LDIZOUSIS! London THE SUNDA) TELEGRAPH mm English 14 Jul Vip!

[London correspondents David Wastell and Robin Lodge and Washington correspondent \an Smiles report. “Mayor Turns Screw on Irag G-7 Summa Over- shadowed by Saddam's Nucicar Defiance” }

[Text] Britamn well press the L noted States thes weck to Carry out is threat to use force f Saddam Husavn tarls to comply with United Nations demands to destroy all hrs potential for nuclear. chemical and bological war Mr Major 1s to use the occawon of the G7 summa of the seven leading industrialised nations rn London thrs weck to urge Present Bush and other members of the UN Security Counc to prepare for renewed military action against Saddam The Iraq: leader's defiance of the terms of the Gulf war ceasefire resolutions and the possibility of military actron to force him imto comphance now threatens to overshadow routine summit business

Mr Dmun Pernoos. bead of the UN nuclear inspection team om Baghdad. sand last might he hoped to receive a new and expanded inst of Irag’s tactics soon. Diplo- mats sand. however, that given Saddam's histor of broken promises. thes preferred to “wart and sce” what the Inst contained

Recent alarm signals from Washington and London may he meant to pull the G7 countrnes mto a coherent sand when thes draft ther latest vice on Irag on Wednesday The support of Presdent Gorhaches. a guest at the summit. 1s regarded as crucial to the drafting of any tough new Security Counc resolution

Britesh sowrces sand vesterday that the time was approaching when Saddam's ofstruction of UN efforts to catalogue Irag’s arms stockpiles and manufacturing capacity could no longer be tolerated. “Deterrence only works if vou use it on the end.” a Whotchall official sand “That would be use of force ~ Defence officials have made it clear that any operation against Irag would be all. American. No Britesh arrcraft or troops would be involved

The five permanent members of the Security Counci— the United States. Sovict LU mon. Britam. France and China—deliwered a new ultematum to Irag on Friday might. warning of dire consequences if it farled to give the UN special commission now om trag full access to weapons plants anywhere im the country. They set a deadline of July 25—the end of next week

Britesh ministers are furrows at recent evidence that the Iragtrs have been cheating the commresion “We know that Saddam Husayn 1s not telling the whole story.” a minister sand last night “He has been caught out trying

FBIS-WEL -91-135 15 July 1991

w conceal cgumpment for uranwm canchment We have found out that he has a secret programme

Downing Street beheves that brag may be as little as two years away from buskdeng a crude nuclear ecapon

The Securnts Councel mecis mm New York tomorroe to revice the special commrsmon’s jprogress. According to Resolution O87. whech Saddam accepted as a ceasefire condition. the cataloguing and destruction of Irag’s nuclear, chemocal and Dilogecal wcapon-making capacity should have been complicted withen 10S davs— Thursday of thes week

Mir Mayor was a prime mover of the conditions imposed on Saddam and «= understood to feel patrcularty strongly that he should be forced to comply He will have an opportunity to pul hes case af a private dinner with Mr Bush today

Whutchal! beheves that Resolutbon 687 which authorises UN forces to take “such further steps as may be required” to secure mmpliementation. already provides authority for multary action. Mr Bush reported to have drawn up a lest of 100 potential targets. including NO) command and control centers

Despite demats on Whitehall, defense analysts beheve that Friday's announcement that the Un force protectong Kurds mm northern Irag m berg pulled back may be bynked with a possible an stroke agarnst Irag The with- drawal would clear the way for renewed bombing rands. without leaving the UN force vulnerable to Iraq reprisals. The Brotrsh are particularly concerned that the withdrawal could prompt a new onsizught against the Kurds by the Irag: army

In Baghdad last might. the Iraq: Foren Minister, Mr Ahmed Hussern Abudaver, accused Washington of miring political motives with humanitanan issucs “To destroy Irag’s nuctear facilities, all devoted to peaceful and screntific purposes. 1s one obyective of the Amencan- Atlant aggressson to fulfil Israch plans.” he sand

The confusing pumblc of signals to Baghdad over the past wecek—heavy hints that force may be used again within a couple of weeks and continuing strident demands for a humiliating and immediate comphance with UN resolu- trons—may be designed as a message from Mr Bush to Iraq's generals Recent remarks by Mr Bash and his andes suggest he 1s focusing on a coup agammst Saddam rather than waiting for cconmomic sanctions to weaken him

(in Monday. Mr Bush told a chosen group of correspon. dents from G7? countres that Amernca “would be per- fectly willing to give the (Iraqi) molitary another chance provided Saddam Husayn was out of there”, while on Tuesday a source close to the White House disclosed in another select briefing that some 14 Iraq: generals had been shot three to four weeks ago

Last Sunday. the NEW YORK TIMES's Thomas Fred. man. widely regarded as the journalist closest to the Secretary of State, James Baker.

wrote that “many


Admirestraton officials are begemning to come around to the voce that there « no diplomata solutvon for thew Irag probiem. The only soluthon. mm thes vice. os the removal of Saddam Husayvn ~

USSR's Primake: Hands Japanese Gorbaches Note

OU 140-4 189! Todvo AVODO of English OF 16607 14 Jul 9!

[Text] London. June 1} AYODO—VYevgran Promakov. special envoy of Sovect Presedent Mebhail Gorhaches on Saturday handed Japanese goverament officials a per- sonal ieticr from Grorhaches revealing hrs coonomn reform plan Japanese officials on London saad

Promakov. here to prepare for a mecting betecen Gor- haches and the ieaders of seven major indusinahzed nations scheduled newt week sv esited the Japanese dcie- gation at a London hotel to relay the presadent’s message

Promakos later talkcd with Japanese Prome Monester Teoshrk: Karfu for five menutes. the Japanese officials sand

The letter «= the same as those already delwered to Britamn. the host natron of the summit. and the | anced States. they sand

In the letter addressed to Kartu. Grorhaches spells out hrs remedy for rchabilitateng the Crumbling Sovict coonoms and asks for aserstance from Western nations. the off- ouls wad

The leaders of Japan. the 1S Brecon. France. Ger- many. Italy. and Canada will mect « |) Crorhaches after them three davs of talks that begin \ioeday

Japan's Nakayama ( omments OW 1407102081 Todvo AVODO o9 Enelih O9SS OMT 14 Jul 9!

[Text] London, July 14 KYODO}—Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Nakayama Sunday descnbed Sovict Pres. nfent Miekhal Gorhaches’s recent letter to Westera leaders on his coonome reforms as “a little Dit too convement” for Moscow

In an emtervecw woth AYVODM) NEWS SERVICE om London. Nakayama sand the letter refers to detarls of the planned Soviet reforms

Gorbaches sent the letter Thursday to leaders of the seven Western indusinalized nations who meet here Monday through Wednesday and who will mect with Grorhaches Wednesday just after ther summit

The Japanese foreign minister sand Gorbaches will hase his explanations of the reforms on the letter, but Nakayama predicted the discussions will not agree on Western financial assistance to the Soviets


Nakasama. eho acoompanid Prome Monster Tosheh: Kartu to the summut. was the first Japanese Gaon crament cadet to comment on the Gortaches icticr

Thy letter refers to the amount of funds neoessarn for Moscoe to makc payment on its foreign dem. Nakayama sand The icticr also towches or the stabbhizaton of the Sosvect UL mon's rule ehoch would allow Moscoows to make converte eath forcign currencies

Nakasvama also sand be « reads to meet wrth Sovoect Foreign Monster Alcksander Besemertnv ih if Bessemer. myaih comes to London

Dureng the imtervice. Nakayama confirmed Japan «ill call on Moscow to sheft to a markct-oncated a. nom and cul ts muittars spending when Kartu meets with Crorhaches individually and at the conterence Detecen the summit leaders and the Sovoct presedent VW cdincesday

lapan also will urge the Sovect Limon to correct ots trnancial defant. openls disclose us coonoman data mcluding the solume of gold ut holds. and carry owt a global application of its new diplomat program Nakayama sand

During the London summit. Japan will propose sending a Prt. ate- sector mrssson of about 40 experts to Moscow thes month to help the mulitar. industry shift to pro- ducing crvihan goouds he sand

In another nce proposal to help the Sovects. Japan ns considering a 200) millon dollar loan hy private hanks to help repays the Sovect U meon's trade dem with Japan. he sand. The loan equals the sum of the Sovect dem. which is guaranteed hy the Japanese Government trade imsur- ance scheme

Majer: ‘Toe Early’ for L SSR Te Join G7 PDS A188) Lomo PRESS asscrcd ay hon mn Breliokh 10D GMT 14 Jul 9!


[Text] John Major emerged today from the first session of talks before tomorrow's summit mecting of the workd's seven coonome leaders in London and laughed at the dca that Sovict Presedent Gorhaches was about to become the eighth Mr Major had spent 10S menutes with Canadian Pome Moenister Bran Mulroney on 10 Downing. Street. tence the time allotted on the two men's busy temetabies. The two then held an open-air press conference for 1S muenutes 19 Downing Sirect. for the Phenefit of the scores of reporters and camera crews covering the Group of Seven summit After the summit ends on Wedneday. Mr Gorbaches will arrive to meet (s” heads to ask for ther help m hes newly -prepared reform programme. details of which he sent to the Gi leaders om tome tor thes weekend. As Mir Major called a halt to media questioning today. he was asked about the prospect for G? being renamed GS to include the Soviet lL neon. He laughed and sad “11's too carly ~

FBIS-WEL -91-135 15 July 1991

Genscher EF acowrages West To Aid Soviet Retorms 1 D140” 10008! Berlin ADN on German 1512 GMT 14 Jul 9!

[Text] Cologne (ADN}—Sovect Presadent Meihad Gor- haches has Procted the governments of the seven icading indgusinal nathons on hrs reform program cvcn Netore the Mart of the world coonome summit in Loadon. Thes ss revealed fy Foresgn Monster Hans-Dectrch Genscher om an imtersece woth the ( cologne dark E V\PRESS (Monday edithon)

The toresgn muenrstcr spoke of an “ompressive program tor state. poletecal. sacsal, and coonomec reforms m the Sovect nom ~ Thes gives the dialogue mm London a firm townd.at nn

Ml the same tome. Geemecher warned the West against icasong Crorhaches om the lurch “A tasure of the process of coonoemnx reform would be the end of the political reforms on the Sovect Ul mon, aad the harbors mecalcu- lac reeks tor the whole of the world coonom ~ Cect- mans. whech has already given “comsdcraMe start-up and.” aevther cowld nor will beip alone The Free Dem- © Tate Party poltcan demanded “Now u 1s the turn of the other Western mndustnal nathons |

The toresgn monster also came out on favor of defining “a comprehensive Cooperation with the Sovict l mon” at the talks on London “Apart trom trade poly measures the lifteng of credit restrictions for the Soviet U mon with the European Dev clopment Bani. and the estahinshment of special relatroms with the IMP and the World Bank as a transithonary phase hetore membershap. «hat rs partic- ularly emportant rs ndeas about how the payment struc- tures of the Sos ect foresgn de™ can be shaped in the long term

Japan's Kaifu, Italy's Andreotti Meet in Londen OW 180034297 Todve AVODO on Bnelich 0205 GMT

r< Jy y j

[ Text) London, July 1S AY ODO}—Japanese Prome Mon- wter Toshek: Kartu and Itahan Prime Moenester Couho Andreott: differed om thew reactions to a letter from Sovect Presedent Mekhail Gorhaches at a meeteng here on Sunday might

The Miminute meeting betwcen Kartu and Andreott: centered on the mnsuc of ard to the Sovect U mon

Crorhaches has sent letters to all the particupents mm the London summit of seven major industnal nations out- lining his proposed coonomn reforms and stressing the need for ummediate ard to implement them The London summit opens Monday

Kartu and Andreott: agreed on the need tor and to the Soviet U non and confirmed the need for cooperztion mn reducing Soveet defense outlays and converting military industrial faciitees to produce consumer goods

FBIS-WEL -91-135 1S July 1991

Kartu told Androotm that Japan micads wo dispatch a murssson to the Sovect L mon to surveys Says to aserst im the changeover to crv chan mdusir,

The Sovect Umon. however, should deplos as “nce thenkong” diplomacy globally. Kaifu sand. Thes os taken as 2 call for the Sowect UL mon to apply the “nce thoni- mg to its relabors wath Japan. particularly wath refer- ence to a hngering terrtonal drspute

Japan 1 not willeng to extend immediate and to the Sovect Umon. green comunecd Sovect accupatron of a group of lands northeast of Hokiando that Japan wants reiurned

Andreott: duplaved a more postive stand over the gucshon of ad to the Sovect Umon. bat cupresecd understanding for the Japanese vice

He also told Karfu that om vece of newt scars presdential clectoons on the U nsted States. outstanding rvsucs on the U rugeay Round of multilateral trade negotiateons would have to be settled thes vear

Kartu cxipressed agreement and sad Japan wants to achecve a successful conmchusson to the round withen the vear

Japanese Officials Reveal Gorbaches Reform Plan

COM 150-03 259) Todkvo AVODO om Eneliot 0248 GMT IS Jul ¥!

[Test] London. July 18 KYODO—A4 Sovect coonomn reform plan to be presented by Presdent Mokhasl Cror- hbaches after the end of the Group of Seven summer m London on Wednesday «ill call for only a grad. v transition to a market coonomy Japanese sources wid Monday

The contents of the plan were disclosed on a Gorhaches letter to Prome Moenester Tosheks Karfu. the sources sand

Crorhachey to cxuplam the plan to the leaders of the seven major industnal nations They are divided over ways of avisting Sovect imtegraton imto the world COORON

The leaders of Japan. the U nrted States. Brotamn. France (sermany. Italy. and Canada will meet with Gorhaches after three davs of talks from Mionday

In hes plan. Gorhaches spells out his remedy for the Soveet coonerm and asks for avastance from Western natoons

lL nder the reform plan. the Sovict Limon scks to estabirsh a mixed coonomy in which government. controlled and private sectors cocust in preparation for mos ing to a market coonomy. the sources sand

The plan also calls for the bifting of price controls and denationalization of production as much as powrtc the sources sand Inihal privatization plans are capected to cover smaiicr rather than larger buwnesses


The sowroess saod the Gorfaches plan alo

alls tor creator of a specu fund to cstabiesh the comvertebelits of the Sovect rule and capresacs hope tor Restern contmbutbons to Sc fund

—Secks full mem ership in the Internatsanal Monctarn Fund and the World Rank and a rew teduleng of the Sovoct U man's 6% belhon dollar mccrnatronal wets

—Promres never to use force om the si Sovect repel iacs under amy circuttstances

Italy's Andreetti Meets L SSRs Primakes iC T5071 278! Rowe ANS 1 oe Beeliet M014 1% Jui vi

[Text] London, 1 § July ( ANS A}—The Group of Seven of the West's most mdusinal natons open thew annual summer here today after a rownd of mmformal curtam- rarung talks whnh analysts sand seem to confirm a gencral willngness to gre Sovect Presademt Mekha! Corhaches at least strong politcal suppert on hes plans tor coonemen reform

The G-7 meeteng eth Gorhaches on Wednewlay and Thursday os stealong the lemechght at the summit ehoch will also be concerned with msucs rangemg from the debate on lower mpterest rates and reformong GATT to the new resurgence of the Irag: crim. the Amaroman ram forest. and drug trafficking

According to pre-summt assesaments. Germany France and ltaly are more ready to help Crorfhaches. whole the lL ovted Sates. Canada. Brita. and Japan arc welleng only to countenance “virengthened” technical awerstance tor the Sovect U mon the Japanese positron Seong com. pleated hy Tokyo's demand to have the Kuri Islands hack from Sovect contre! before ven and can Sart flow ing

Loke the other leaders. tahan Prome Mierister Creo Andreott, whe arrved Sunday [14 July) morning. hed Private tete-a-tetes with the sumemt's other protagomest . imchudeng the host, Brith Prme Moenister Jofin Mayor Canadian Premect Bonan Mulrones Japan Tostek: Kartu. aod Crorhaches + spectal caves Vevgenn Prema


As htahan sources admitted that Masor told adrewtt: he townd parts of the coonomn plan Crorfacth + coOMermn adv wers have drawn up earth a team of Harn ard coone mits to he wRcemmcmng one hent of the tind of practical owtoormne to he expected from the summer came from a message that French Presdent Francon Motter. rand sent the Itahan prime menrster

After bes sewwrom eth |S) Present (roorge Bosh af Ramboullict Sunday afternoon Mitterrand suggested that. while Grorhache: must realee and from the West

depends on hes wnamimguous commitment to a market coonoms one nica might he to rare the lendeng corlongs


= > . ~ . . = * . =) =| . + " « . ms * ~ > ~ \ * a > _ >. ~ » *S\Jla ~ > s a & > > . . . ** . . _ ~~ .* ~ > > \' » »*s » > . . . o * 7 > * > > - \l \ " " \l a ' . " . * » , yl ‘A » bs \ \ 4 5 . » 4 + + vs * fh » * “a é Ww . . > , . \ lapan. (.crmans “eit Cheer Led te Set bets » > x ~ » * Vn : . n Yugo , . . *s . . « LN 4 : * , : * \A \I : : . . . \ > \l . . . x LN - \tos a ~ Aha » » ss . > » t : “™ ~ ' > 4 \l . hs . > ' . *s _ : * ~ . ~ ~ . - “a s : H | \A ws! LSSR's Primakes Referens ot Risk Witheot Vid wee WS Une . "


Sovect L mon Germany o aise prepared to Mare -osts Th: Nwewge memesters agi cx for eethdraeug Sowet troops foe the fone: Ean -<<t w owlder 2 greater ropors Germans m tie eoridd the Offs wal

Karty ruled out mawive fiaaacal belp unis! “he Sots But Nassyame tod Goce? return the four smvdl wlands off morthere fa wo 1 fos CUSRETY BeghOoring ( Deas occupeed wace the ord of © wet Bar Mom of ows matvoms, Das bo Lake 2 SiToToR! apy . , sew Troe ‘Rl MWe! (a Pe bald Cece Mer Maul mo .

Karte proposed that the annual acca be ade a ior ENS

tw dracusss as of not only COON Bul ye LL ™a!- oe —e arm PLg@. ters 25 well 1 28 aPPTOs “Xu :

Kohl who will host next year's seme i Weonh Verld t comemi Semmet Officwils Opces 1s Jel agreed with Karty and called for a reve of fe aon ue! EDITS IO! Lond REMAN ENNOK

event at the cad of the London gathering m Engist 1432 GM Meametule, the German leader astce f lapanew By Bob Newton aad (bes V RESS ANN mvestment om former East Germany. © %ismg the ATION!

umportance of is casters region folloersy (co |v) i Teas) L cashers w ie + .

market mtegraton of the European Com = -- '

offhoals sand demeatacnes tatsy Nogee : As L omahow eit the aperou

Katy ‘otd Koti that Be ell urge “Ye Japane~ coe rons orverwadow imag CVETY OFM en 7

word tO promote mvesiment um the former East Cr Map formally echoomod many sayeng ‘he Federation of Foor -re Organi rations and marke Memesiers to Des iS planning to send a rescarch messe ® bo ie arca [hes The QPCRIAg soKMAOM of Laks tal! A fleet of bmmewwnes detre cre. L meted Mates (ecrmans fapo . tateves of the bE ewrogean |

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{Text} London, July 18 KYODO—Japan and Germany “SSMU ST Sas te | -

taled to won out thew differences Monday over the Mivtterrand’s walk The !

evtiendeng of large financeal assistance to the Soviet the acar™ Retr Motel was

Umon Japanese officials sad Preadicnt Goorge Bushs =

earmy ™& Vp Nha a“

The dofferences were Righhghted at a ome-owr mec! ng here Detwcen Japarese Foreign Minister Taro Vicametolce the surmemet eivcs &

Nakayama and German Forngn Monster Hans Deno Vrames peaserc Nout afl ~ View NS

Genscher. the officals sad Map

Nakayama and Genseofer met in paraiic! #61) a moc! m6 World trade. .cmcmtons ,

betwoen Prume Moinester Tostek: Kartu and ( hanccior ment and an coheed rok

Helmut Koni 2 the cronded semen agcoda— S regen to Preanicat (sorfac Pes 8 pice .

Genscher asked Japan to drop is Ghyecthoms to aod Sovcct ( mon 6 epmermes rh : .

saying a proposed Sowet plan on restructuring ts con present m duc to meet the « trally comtrofied coonemy to a market CoOmOMm) men's thew offical Pewmeces OF Wovincad eviensive debate among the London summer leavcrs (c todias that although Mir (iortu

officals wand reform dees Meet Peewt Phe CAIs

the last themg thes SOR koala lis He underwored the need for leading industria AStuwrs te the Arceien Chee Bretreh off. . . help the Soviet LU mon tactic the challenge mH COOROT Pewee: of gmoremg the \ \!

resiructurmng wow! mnt Re Poor


Voemetrks Vaets Cod lies Wee SPRY Repebiics > ~~

" 7 . os > 4 . ~ = - . ~ . » > > > _— > _ . . + . . _ . = . »* .* >" ~ » we » \ 4 - ' ~ > _ 7 ~ . . . . . . > 4 _ > > _ . ~* . * . . aaa . es . . * > ' . . . . . . . "s .~ ~ s " m , * ~~ a » . . " ee a > ~ . . ~ ~ : . + . e . -_ , “a . . a . » . . \ .% ~ . . > > a " > SPU. lemkoe te ® ( eoemecets ~ . , > . > a) » , . s > > + > . " . » \) x 7 , . . . 7 > , . . , ~ . . . . A . \rameteks oo SPRY > _ " . . , . . . . . . ~ ) * _ . . ~ > a \i . . 7 . . ~~ . - ** . > +’ . .* . 5 + : s i) . . . " * \ a . ~™ " . NI x Aus x : SSA " i* . *

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Veet War tl Swen d


FBIS-W EU -91-135 15 July 1991

Asked whether his speech in the Nationalrat on National Socialism rs considered unpopular by many, Vranitzky said that this 1s probably true for some people. The issue iS NOt popularity but the fact that for democrats and liberally thinking people the present and future also lie in the their country’s past. The rssue 1s not who lived where and how but that the ability to “apologize for a Seyss- Inquart. a Kaltenbrunner, or an Eichmann” 1s created without which one cannot be proud of Schubert and Beethoven.

Racial hatred, master-race mentality, excessive pride. and arrogance must net be yardsticks in the future. He did not understand his speech as an expression of collective guilt, but as a clarification that many people in this country behaved wrongly at a certain time. Vran- tzky stressed.

Solving the Yugoslav Crisis Without Force

In its offers of aid to Yugoslavia, Austria thought neither of monarchical reminiscences nor of the hope to regain access to the sea; the call for solving the conflict without force was issued to all 22 million inhabitants in Yugo- Slavia. This “offer.” as Vranitzky stressed, springs not only from Austria's most profound conviction that the peoples in Yugoslav:a have the legitimate mght to shape a new order—however, this must be achieved by peaceful means, without weapons—but 1s also based on


the CSCE Treaty. which was signed by 35 European States, including Yugoslavia.

In the meantime. more and more states have agreed not only to jointly follow the path toward a peaceful Europe but also to work for 1 with appropriate means. Examples of that are the efforts by the EC and the CSCE. Despite the existing tensions in Yugoslavia, only the path that 1s based on continuing nonviolence can be successful, Vranizky stressed in conclusion.

Lifting of Sanctions Against RSA Suggested 101207180191 Vienna DER STANDARD in German l2Jul Yl pl

[Text] After the lifting of the U.S. sanctions against South Africa, Austria 1s still at the beginning of an “opinion formation process.” The Foreign Ministry says that, even though the apartheid laws have been rescinded, the implementation can only take place step by step. Therefore. “accompanying action” ts appro- priate. Foreign Minister Alors Mock first wants to advo- cate a “partial lifting” of the sanctions, because one still wants to “keep some arrows in the